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whats annoys me
yea i noticed the wigan utd game all the wigan fans were leaving before mikcy owen and nani scored
Yeah, I saw that. Still don't get why. Take blah_united's example of Kiko's goal against Villa. The whole ground was bouncing - what a buzz. I wouldn't have missed that for the World, yet there were still United supporters leaving the ground. Hmm, I feel a thread coming on....
you spend a lot of money to go to a stadium some can only dream of going to (theatre of dreams, geddit?) and just go home before you 've had your money's worth. just enjoy the experience and remember how lucky you are to be there
(28-03-2009, 03:07 PM)traintastic67 Wrote: hi guys as we all agre emufc is a fantastic club we have won a lot of silver wear but the thing that gets my back up is as your watching sky sports mufc is playing we make a slip up and the commantators go on and on really give us some hell with moaning about our team playing crap even if we are playing well seams like these sports channels hate us for being a good squad so we have made mistakes on both of our games but i can tell you we will be back and god help em when we are MUFC FOREVER

man utd can play crap sometimes and some games they take too long to find their feet.
stay to the end and you might get to meet the squad and go on the piss with them

mines a double fergie lol


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