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Full Version: Glazer Out!
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Since there arrival in June 2005 the Glazers have done nothing positive for Manchester United FC. Enough Is Enough. ManUtdPeople. We Have Set Up

ManUtdPeople Want Glazer Out To Do Our Part And Help Get The Glazer Out.

Please Sign This Petition Which Will Help Put Pressure On The Glazers.

You Can Sign At The End Of This Page


Robbie Blake
Your a joke mate, I want them out but since they have been here we have won:

3 Premier Leagues in 3 Seasons
2 Carling Cups
1 Champions League
1 FIFA Club World Cup
2 Community Shields

We have been to:
2 Champions League Finals
Champions League Semi Final
FA Cup Final
FA Cup Semi Final

You have got to be kidding?

As long as we continue to do well, and they sort of the finances they can stay!


Keith Miller
I'm joke you do know if this keeps up we wont be in the Champions league with deducted points etc!!!! i dont want united to go like shity leeds and im sure there are other fans here that feel the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah Dale mate don't listen to him. We need the Glazers out. This can't keep going the debt.
Phil S
You guys jump to conclusions.

Take away the Glazer money given to us to buy players and where would we be?

I am guessing behind Chelsea and Arsenal Wink
ok so keep Glazers and were wil be be in 10 years im guessing behind leeds!Sad
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