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Full Version: Glazer Out!
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Recent rumor says ... hes gonna invite BID to Selll manutd tranining ground? is it true ?

check the link
Yikes! Can't they see it's Leeds all over again?!
Already 5 years passed! Glazers Stop leeching manutd and their fans!

[Image: glazers.jpg]
this story is getting closer and closer to riots again
There are many of storys going to be told about man utd till every thing is cleared up lets take it easy till the clubs come out ehh... I just went a bit mad yesterday but I'm waiting on fergie or Gill to come out to the press!
hes gonna sell and it back Sad

will u guys n manchester will leave tat ?

plz do some protest .... Sad
I sed the same but the fans are trying to get them out and it dosnt seem to be working!
unless the fans have 700 million there going nowhere, as long as there moneys tied up in the club they'll be there
MUST have been campaigning on behalf of all United fans since Murdoch tried to take over the club. They are raising funds and also, trying to arrange financial clout in the hope that should the Glazers fail, the cost to recover United would not be the full loan amount, but a reduced amount to allow the banks, etc to recoup some of their initial outlay.

For example, the current Red Football debt is £509M, but if United fell over now, it would not cost that to take control. Maybe the banks would accept 30p for every pound? Who knows.
How much has MUST?
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