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I am stepping down - Zomaian - 10-12-2009

Fellow members,

I am sorry to announce that I am stepping down as administrator due to work and school. Steve and I came to the conclusion that it will be best that I will step down and that Steve will look for a new admin that can be more active on game days, etc. I will still try to be around now and than but I won't do anything big unless Steve needs me for something like theme tweaks or new features.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and enjoy the theme Wink.

Your ex-administrator,
Bob Jansen

RE: I am stepping down - Ouzair - 11-12-2009

thx for everythg buddy n good luck with ur studies....

RE: I am stepping down - andrewcmufc - 11-12-2009

thanks for all you did on the site bob, wish you all the best in the future

RE: I am stepping down - StuPot - 11-12-2009

You've done a great job revamping the site buddy.. cya around.

RE: I am stepping down - blah_united - 12-12-2009

best of luck!!!

RE: I am stepping down - Noucamp99 - 12-12-2009

I just saw this tonight. Big news! Thanks for the efforts and changes you made. The help you gave was invaluable and took a weight off Steve's shoulders. Thanks for everything. Good luck with the studies.
Happy Christmas and all the best for 2010!

RE: I am stepping down - Hyltz'. - 13-12-2009

I'll be sorry to see you go.
The site is running and looking great now, you have certainly added to it's value, in terms of professionalism, during your stay.

Good Luck my friend.

RE: I am stepping down - Zomaian - 19-12-2009

Thanks a lot guys Wink.

RE: I am stepping down - DaleDaManc - 19-12-2009

fairplay. hope you do well in ur exams and come back to us after them Smile

RE: I am stepping down - hilliard999 - 01-01-2010

Well done mate...good luck for the future