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Anyone Walking There Dog In This Weather
Just asking seen i had to bring one of mine home the fool was caughing on snow every cornor we went around!
he was what???

no snow our way, we only had snow on christmas day
Really its very bad today the dogs are sliding in the snow and i walk them twice a day better stop now its getting Dangerous ill try once more tonight
we are getting a few heavy showers tonight, according to met eireann
Im getting MAD ones
must get the camera ready for a few wintery scenes

theres an iceberg visible bout 1km of donegal
haha cool. its too cold and safer to turn of the heating
We went sledding with my nephews yesterday. There was 1 lampost close to the run and the oldest nephew managed to hit it!!! He was sat on the front of the sled with his little bro on the back, so caught it right between the legs!!

Video camera had run out of battery just before, or you would have seen it on You've Been Framed!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO man hope he is ok! i can feel that ughhhh
Yes, he was fine, after a good roll in the snow!

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