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I wasn't impressed with Diouf yesterday. His touch was woeful and he ran into blind alleys. I know he only had 16 minutes (came on in 80th and 6 minutes Fergie Time), but he didn't really show promise.
Maybe I'll give my boots a clean, as we're struggling with strikers!

Bring back Alan Brazil, lol!
No.We should all keep the red flag flying high and CHAT BERBA!He could be speical we leave him go and he gets fans that love him! comes to old trafford and hope he tears the defence apart! ino what im talking about berba is a very speical player!
Hes a special player can be lazy at times but his first touch and the goals he can produce come out of nowhere
Quote From United Insider... (So The Sunday Mirror Say)

Quote:“People say he’s got a great touch, and that isn’t in doubt, but this game is also about hunger and workrate.

“To put it bluntly, Berbatov doesn’t run around enough for this United team – and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the people that matter most.”
ronaldo dosnt have a touch like that,not a pass like that!he has his ups and downs
Berbatov ughhhh where to start.

He never tries only turns up when we are over 3-0 up not interested in a real battle (Leeds).

Not a united player, better as a big player in a small club.

Has some great touches and moves but always against crappy teams.

In summery...

Get him out of United bring some one new in.
Who has his abilty
Villa, Torres, Drogba, anyone

he is just not worth signing on a free so I don't know whos gona buy him
Villa and torres have not a touch like him either dose drougba !
i think saf is preparing a move for him to another club in the summer

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