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The rumours are starting in the papers and that usually means that the player is on the way. There is not smoke without fire. The only trouble is, who to come in for him?

Owen - too similar in terms of runs, etc to Rooney. Also, despite scoring a hat-trick in Europe, he has largely been ignored by SAF. The experiment has not paid off, yet.
Wellbeck - needs to be blooded gently. Has a good touch, yes, but not the instinct to make the runs and take a chance. Seems to be preferred out wide.
Macheda - Not had a chance this season and reports suggest going on loan to learn the trade.
Wazza - works his little socks off for the shirt. Doesn't seem to revel in the lone striker role, though. He gets frustrated. He needs another natural striker to be teamed up with him. Wazza is not an out-and-out goalscorer - he won't get you 25 - 30 goals a season - so maybe we do need a new signing? The lone striker - DOES NOT work in PL. Rooney becomes too isolated and the midfield don't get across to him to link up.

Berba needs knee surgery now.

I remember reading that SAF thought we had enough strikers and wouldn't be buying any more. I'm not so sure.
Macheda was lucky on his first year get him in for a swap for like our old lad rossi plus 10million!super deal
yea id love rossi to come back, i liked him
yeah i didnt understand why did we sell him??he scored when ever he played!
I would have to agree,the big bulgarian has had ample time to bed in at our club and it is still not happening,he had a decent return @ spurs so I like all other fans assumed he would hit the ground running and start scoring goals,as for the comment about not enough quality into the box, its a poor excuse because without Ronaldo there is defo more delivery into the box from the wide men.A real united star would make it happen if he had the desire and love for our club......Pack his bags
Ehhh unkle Whelan SmileSmile
I just think there is no player that dose his job better then berbatov look at the likes of Pavlachenco dose the same thing but not as good!
SteveD you sed berba dosnt get the goals when were losing..Ronaldo was an other player that was the same...Thats were you get the best players with desire witch berba dosnt have!but as gold first touch and true ball!!
Pavelechenco or however you spell it cant get a game for the spurs reserves,look the long and short of it is the only way to rate a striker is the amount of goals he scored and for £30mil and a year and half played his return has been very poor,I am sick of all ooh and aaghs when he does something special once every six months we need something special every week to win the title....
Pavelechenco Is a other player finding it hard to get confidence!He needs a boost!Like berbatov for example!Berbatov came for 30m yes but Rooney is getting the goals same for Rooney the past years wasnt scoring Ronaldo was!Berbatov is making alot of goals when ever he gets a CHANCE!!I say give him one more year and YE GIVE HIM THE CONFEDENCE WHAT HE NEEDS!!! And ye will see what im talking about!
Ok im just gonna call him Pavel,he cant even get minutes on the pitch to grow in confidence Berba plays week in week out and still no return,my next comment is going to be somewhat controversial and im a newbie so go easy on me but bring back Tevez at least he went out and earned his money....
Your views are important and what makes this forum so good!We all love to test them!all a wee bit of fun after all were all manc so no serious fighting here!
Tevez ughh were to start after what he sed about fergie he should have the rest of his body burned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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