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Changed the picture in support for Berbatov!!
Defo not a £30 million pound player?Skillful when he wants to be but terrible body language?
We seem to play slower when he is in the team and although he is obviously a good player,he is not a great player and in my opinion not the right man at all for Manchester United.
(11-01-2010, 06:50 PM)DaleOD Wrote: Changed the picture in support for Berbatov!!

you'll be getting t-shirts done next
hahaha not a bad idea lol
Just don't copy him and get knee surgery, though. It seems that he is struggling with fitness AS WELL AS confidence. These kinds of polls and rants really don't help. I wonder if the United staff have an eye on this forum? There isn't a lot SAF misses, you know.
Id say if u kept an eye on this forum you'd need to keep an eye on loads of forums but yes forum talk does get about in football circles.
I wouldn't be surprised if someone was tasked with reading (or even joining) the various United forums.

I hope so. Pass this one on:

Glazers Out!!
This is the best forum so yeah lads put your sigs for Glazers Out!
OUT!! I HATE HIM! Who cares about his slow and calm moves? He is an attacker and should be fast as tevez and shoot as many goals as rooney so BERBATOV OUT!
Ok berbatov out so well cope with rooney and owen and if one is injuryed we'll trow foster up there lol

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