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Carling Cup Tickets
Got my tickets as freebie!!
WHAT???? As Kevin the teenager would say: "That's so unfair!"

Fair play to you, really. I'm just jealous! Enjoy.
My brother in laws a video editor and a Villa supporter.
Managed to get them from "the powers that be".
Told him "I ain't doin nuttin that day..I'm comin with!!"
Nice one. In with the brummies, though? Give em hell!
good luck to all heading to wem-ber-ly, hope you all have a great day out
cant wait ill be setting of stupidly early to get there at 12 ish ill be in the italian bar near mcdonalds
I hope these guys have got waterproofs, brollies, etc. It is peeing down something rotten where I am, which is really only just shy of 50 miles from Wembley, following the roads. Probably nearer 35 as the crow flies?
I'm Staying away from this one Sad last time I saw United play Villa at wembley we lost, My son went to wembley for the FA cup final against southampton (I think) and we lost so i have banned all from this house from going lol.
Wow! I do remember '76, but my 1st cup final was '83.

Close this now. Continue this conversation, along with all of your Carling Cup comments in the match thread, please.

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