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Champions League 2010
The Champions League Is Off Already as the First Qualifying Round Took Place the other day

Hibernians 0-6 Mogren
SP Tre Fiori 2-2 Sant Julià (4-5p)

Mogren and Sant Julia Advance The Next Round

From there On I think I will add all the results
Aw man, I generally support the British clubs in Europe so that is quite bad!
nah mate that Hibernians team is different to Hibernian Of Scotland

There from Malta lol
Oh, I though it was strange Hibernian got in!
Do the Arse have to play in a qualifying round?
yea but not until mid august

ight now there at the round where you have to qualify to get to the qualifying round ha there in the last one
haha starts very early doesn't it

32 days after the final I think
There is a possible danger for Arsenal this year as the qualifying rounds are unseeded so they could meet a very tough side.
haha I would love that

Imagine they were knocked out straght away before even making it to the league stage
Yeah, it would be awesome to see all the fans faces after that. But I think they should make it through in all seriousness. Real Madrid are my favourites this year simply due to the goals the should score however I think we can be there or there abouts come may!

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