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FC United of Manchester
that would be a good tie though
I can see mixed loyalties with that one! Not like the heated feelings between citeh and United, but I'm sure a very strange atmosphere. I'm sure most, if not all the FCUM supporters still follow United and must have them dear to their hearts. It was the fact that they couldn't own (or be a part of the ownership of) United that made them follow their own path.
I wonder how they'd feel?
a tale of the two utds, would be a good atmosphere i can tell you that.
united should orginise a game aginst them for charity
Hmm. Let me think if that would ever happen. Nope. These were the fans that turned their backs on the Glazers and promised never to line their pockets again. They stood toe to toe with them over the single ownership issue and there is no way that United would be allowed to play them to raise cash. The Glazers just would not allow it.

I wonder if the FC United board, fans, etc. would want it, either?
in the film looking for eric, theres a scene in the pub were utd fans and fc utd fans are having an argument, i suppose maybe this goes on a lot.
I reckon. It was personal for a lot of them. They were shareholders in the club they loved. I still have my share certificate. I had to sell, obviously, but never returned it! Sentimental old fool, lol?
there a bunch of fu*king fools that night in moscow sickend them Tongue
who are those guys?
when the glazers took over there were many man utd (wanna b's) fans were'nt happy and made a new team. any way no need to talk about them losers.
all i care about is the real team in manchester,real team in england,real team in europe and the real team in the world!!!!

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