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FC United of Manchester
(03-12-2009, 06:47 PM)sypher Wrote: who are those guys?

Look here for the history.
(03-12-2009, 07:10 PM)donlerz Wrote: when the glazers took over there were many man utd (wanna b's) fans were'nt happy and made a new team. any way no need to talk about them losers.
all i care about is the real team in manchester,real team in england,real team in europe and the real team in the world!!!!

I understand why you would think they are losers, but they loved the club and didn't believe that it could or should have been owned by any ONE person. It was always a people's club and we should respect their feelings and right to support whoever they want.

I totally understand why they feel that way. Just look at the way the Glazers jumped on the publicity bandwagon and allowed AIG to hijack the Munich memorials by allowing them to put their logo on the memorial posters.

Have a quick read of the history (above), it might help you to understand them.
yeah i was annoyed when they took over to but im a united fan and will be true tick and tinn.

i was born a red and will die a red Smile
(03-12-2009, 07:49 PM)donlerz Wrote: yeah i was annoyed when they took over to but im a united fan and will be true tick and tinn.

i was born a red and will die a red Smile

Me too, but I keep an eye out for them and see what's going on. I wish them well, tbh.
The material theft of a Manchester institution, forcibly taken from the people of Manchester, was the tip of a pyramid of destruction, with changing kick off times for the benefit of television, soulless all-seater stadia full of ‘new’ supporters intent to sit back and watch rather than partake in the occasion, heavy handed stewarding and ridiculously priced tickets propping it all up

That would be enough to piss off any fan.
I was up last season for the Hull home game and sat in the prawn sandwich seats, as these were the only ones left for One United members. It was awful in the quadrant with the type of person (I can't call them fans) sat back and waited to be entertained! I could hear myself sing! And that's not good.

I can fully appreciate why the FCUM fans would want to return to the grass roots of 'proper' football. Non league football offers a different kind of 'event' completely. A pie and a pint bought by your mate is the nearest you get to hospitality! You can move around the ground and choose where you want to STAND and can probably ask the steward if he'll move 'cos he's blocking your view. It's so different.
Irish league is still like that mate Some grounds still let you stand and still have terracing. I like local football for that reason
Just been on the FCUM website and found an interesting piece about the Green and Gold Campaign:

FC United offers its support to the Green & Gold Campaign aimed at unifying United supporters. The campaign, organised by no one group nor owned by any one section of support, has grown over the last two weeks as awareness of the true implications of the takeover of Manchester United has escalated.

The wearing of Green & Gold attire is intended to provide a public, tangible demonstration of the depth of feeling and provides a direct link to our, commonly shared, Newton Heath roots and has undoubtedly caught a mood.

Many have argued that the only realistic method of protest is one of full and total boycott. For those that made that painful sacrifice in 2005 and received criticism for doing so, it is an understandable reaction. However we did not seek the moral high ground five years ago, and we should not aim to occupy it now. Whether to boycott or not has always been down to individual choice and continues to be exactly that, however IMUSA were correct this week to state that the only real solution is to starve the Glazers of cash.

FC United is a proud bulwark against the travesty of the takeover, but we do not exist as a virtuous island. Our priorities are to continue to build our football club as an example of how we believe all clubs should be constituted; our short term aim is to establish our own stadium, in the longer term we will continue to campaign for wider supporter-ownership across football as we firmly believe that the only sustainable model of ownership is just that. We intend to place FC United at the very centre of that debate.

If we are going to affect significant long term change in the game then it is more important than ever that we maintain our own course to show that there is an alternative model to the instability of clubs which do not involve supporters at their heart. We must continue to help build a broad alliance of fans and interested parties in the wider game and we should encourage those better placed than us to tackle the issues at Old Trafford by giving them our support.

FC United remains as an alternative for fans seeking refuge from the excesses of the Premier League and we continue to be a major part of the visible resistance to the Glazers and the general mismanagement of football. Without the reforms we have campaigned for there will be no long term sustainable solution.

Everyone at FC United remains committed to what we set out to do especially now as we move closer to our own stadium. Our business plan for the stadium has been submitted to the city council and we expect to have a meeting with them in the next few weeks to discuss the next stage.

As we stated in our founding manifesto we will continue to ‘address the concerns which many Manchester United fans have had over the last decade or more with how the club and football have developed, culminating in the club’s takeover by Malcolm Glazer’.

FC United stands as a proud alternative for those disenfranchised supporters


The 2005 manifesto also stated ‘we have ambitious and long term plans’ and we remain resolute in our determination to deliver them.

In addition, they are looking to finance and build their own ground, having ground-shared since the club was born! Amazing that they are supposed to be looking in the Newton Heath area, too!

FC UNITED hope to move into their own ground in Manchester in two years’ time.

The Rebels have signed an extension to their ground-share deal with Bury which lasts until 2011 – and by then the Unibond League club is planning to have built its own stadium.

FC narrowly missed out on promotion this season after three successive leaps up the non-league pyramid since their inception in 2005, and also saw a slight increase in their average crowd to 2,152 for the season just ended.

The club has always intended building its own stadium, but the rental of Gigg Lane for around £5,000 a match – which has furnished the Shakers with much-needed revenue.

Said an FC United spokesman: “We have played home games at Gigg Lane for the last four successful seasons and, while we would like to have somewhere closer to the city centre, we are grateful to Bury for the use of the excellent facilities at Gigg Lane.

“Discussions with Manchester City Council about a ground of our own continue to progress positively and the extension to the agreement with Bury will hopefully see the club through to the fulfilment of our plans.”

Source: manchester evening news
A great question from ManFromTheDailyMail that I have copied and pasted into this thread, as this is the one for FCUM discussions.

(10-02-2010, 01:48 PM)ManFromTheDailyMail Wrote: Would the FC United Of Manchester fans come back to OT on a regular basis ? Surely they must choose. Its something i thought about and if there are some FC United fans on here, could you please clear this up ?

And what then if the Glazers dont sell ? Would the LUHG crowd then head off to FC United ?

if utd is sold, these guys will prob stay active as they have done not so bad
I can't see the fans deserting FCUM, tbh.

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