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I cannot wait for FIFA 10 it looks great anyone else going to get it?
yea the whole 360 turning is ment to be the dogs bolix ha
Wow sounds awesome but I can't find any details about it so please may I have a link.

Any of you guys own a 360 out of interest?
not me I own a PS3

heres your link

Cheers mate although not sure I needed the whole video tutorial, I just wanted to know what site was best. The 360 degrees dribbling sounds good as sometimes there is a delay.
its not out until october though

im bored of fifa 09 aswell
Yeah it comes out near my birthday so is always on the wishlist!
Love to play fifa 2010 with Man utd with my HD 4870
Proper cant wait for this,Manager mode is what i play most and i hear that has been improved a lot.So good stuff.
yea but i only got ps2 any1 know if its on ps2?

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