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Favorite Football player
Zidane because no one could ever take the ball away from him. He was a genius on the field.

Messi because it is a delight seeing him play and dribbling 4-5 players in a row and then scoring.

Roberto Carlos for the power of his shots and the wonderful goals he scored.
Oliver Kahn - Best goalkeeper ever!!

Paul Scholes - Because he's Paul Scholes. What more reason do you want?
My favorite football players are Zidane, Forlan and Karim Benzema.
Of the pictures you have listed, I'd have to go with Zidane. The guy had great vision and was magic with the ball. He was one of the greatest setup mans in the game and his World Cup head-butt was one for the ages! If I had to add another to the favorite football player list then perhaps it would be the legendary Pele or Messi. These types of talents only come around once every generation.
Beckham,for sure.Widely known for his ability to "bend" his free kicks, curving the ball around or over defenders to score.I love Rooney,without a reason.A legend in every way.he has had his ups and downs,but he also remains as one of my favorites.An old warhorse.!!

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