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Favorite gaming console
My favorite gaming console is the Playstation 1. I love the fact that it's very compact, thus I can bring it with me during my travels. In addition to that, it also had one of the best library of video games ever. It had a game for every genre and for every type of gamer. You want some racing games? Need For Speed is for you! Want to play some RPG? We have Final Fantasy! The PS1 experience, for me, was perfect.
PS3 is the best gaming console out there so far although PS3 and Xbox 360 graphics are really the same. At least I don't see the difference.
Definitely PlayStation3!
Me and my friend usually spend hours playing Fifa13, and I, of course, pick United as my main team! Tongue
Well I have an XBox 360 and a PS2, I definitely have better memories associated with the PS2 even though it is obvious that the 360 is a more advanced console. Purely on nostalgia I'll go with the PS2.

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