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Favourite Man Utd Player
Who is your favourite Man Utd Player and Why?


FAVOURITE PLAYER:Rooney(took long to decide)

REASON:Well on my fifa and pes his average goals a game is 3 and also 150 goals a season also in life hes a great player

REASON: Most passionate striker in the team.
Ryan Giggs
18 years in uniteds 1st team
It has to be Giggsy...He has served the Club for so many years.A credit to United on and off the field.
Even now,he is still having one of his better seasons(and they have been many) at this age...
A real class act!
Has to be Vidic! Should be made the new club captain next season.
Best defender in the world and if we make him captain he will not want to go to Ac Milan
Rooney; Lion hearted performances for us whether we're winning or losing

REASON: his abilities were amazing he can almost play in any positions
RE:Favourite man utd player

FAVOURITE PLAYER: Cristiano Ronaldo i have to say. I love the way he activates the game
michael carrick!

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