Streaming service starts in August!

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owen hargreaves is being penciled in for the ressys on thursday next week!!! lets all keep everything crossed for him!! a much needed injury boost!!!!!

This would be awesome if it actually happens. Don't hate me but the only football shirt I've ever owned was a Hargo Bayern Munich jersey!
ya hes Fit to play for Reserves! hope he plays more!!
Also Macheda back in contention ... he started training!
Not sure what I think of him. Think he needs to really prove himself worthy of United next season
not sure if he has really proved himself as a worthy United player
only few games he played for us.. But he did really well.. and help us win PL and CL in 2008 season.. tat te reason till now we wish tat he will be back soon Smile hes versatile... adn superb freekick taker.. also capello beleives hargo can make up to eng squard!
We've been tracking his injury in another thread, so while it IS great to have him back, close this and post here:

I'll copy and paste all of this there. Well, I'll try!

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