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How important is John O'Shea??
John O'Shea must be one of the most overlooked player in the squad but i feel his importance to the team is right up there with Rooney and Giggsy.

O'Shea has been covering all sorts of positions, even taking up the goalie's gloves.

Who do Arse, Chelski and Liberfool have ???

Any thoughts guys?

o'shea has been a great player for utd and came to our rescue on more than one occasion, every other temas fans all call him a donkey but i bet they wish they had him
Great headed goal against Stoke. He has such energy and just keeps motoring. Is a good utility player and has done a fantastic job for United over the years. Oohhaahh7 has called it right, as I can only think of maybe one other player who could fill in a role like he does and that is Phil Neville - a former United player, of course. He could play either full back role and did some great man marking jobs in the centre of the pitch. But I can't think of any others.
Great post, mate.
one of, if not THE most underrated player in the prem
he's one of them for me its tom huddlestone!
His first year in Man United was very impressive. He even fooled Louis Figo in Champion League.
put it this way, if his first name ws something like Ricardo, and his surename was...erm, tevez, and he was Argentinian/Brazilian/Spanish/German/French etc...He would be valued at £25m - £35m.
Ha ha. You're probably right. He seems to maintain a good level of consistency, wherever he plays. A useful squad member, for sure.
oh yeah! will never forget the way he nutmegged luis figo! oh the irony Tongue anyway O'Shea is so important to us its just a shame his brilliant displays go unnoticed. is it just me or is he starting to establish himself as our first choice rb with rafael injured and G Nev coming to the end of his career which is limiting his games
O'Shea is loved at OT, who care what anyone else thinks?

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