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Is Nani a Manchester United Player?
long term replacement of ronaldo
i always see nani as the early young Ronaldo...remember his wasteful runs and ludicrous and poor flicks and unnecessary stepovers?
well, he might be the way ronaldo might have gone if fergie hadnt reined him in...i think he is on his way out sooner than later...having said that what about his compatriot- anderson?
he play good, but he has not matured!
I think the problem with nani is that he just does not seem to learn. He is an idiot basically the amount of times he gets into space then does not know what to do is ludicrous which then gets him into trouble and then means he loses the ball.
yeah definately, i cant stand him at all. yeh he has scored a few important goals but in my opinion we shud get rid.
Has been very poor this season , has great skill but seems that the premier league dos not suit him , but maybe in time .... I would not miss him if he was sold during the summer
[quote='ro7naldo' pid='2027' dateline='1242238548']
nani this season has a lot of injuries
hasnt had enough games
Never and end product is there! Give him a few years but he's not there yet. The work ethic is not there and he's really immature!
really not sure on Nani some days he is unbelievable others he horrible
No get rid of him I say

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