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Manchester United In For German Goalkeeper
yea ur right, vds has looked solid since he came back form injury so maybe he could be a possibility in the summer.

its never easy for a keeper to play for united, they always have to live up to the legend that is peter schmeical, and any gaff at all and there severly criticised
to be honest guys i dont think anymore we need an other keeper for a year or two .
ok ben foster has been really shaky and if do relationship is still the same between him and fergie since the sunderland match he will be getting the boot soon.
van der sar probelly his last season sadly.he is still a great keeper!
kusack i like kusack now he takes alot of stick from the fans but i think he could fill vds boots for a season and see how he gets on!
i think all the fans need to get of the keepers back they might be reading this guys.
How about Igor Akinfeev ? I know he's a top class keeper, but he just keeps impressing me. Specially after todays match.
He looks like a class keeper. Time will tell, eh lads.

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