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Ryan Babel has shown a little guts by not taking the easy option and staying with the scouse to fight for a place. Mind you, I think my Dad could get a game for them and he's 76 on Monday!
Jesus you had x-mas,your wifeys B-day i think and now your dad! you must be loaded ehh
Xmas done. Then Fiancee's b'day, then my Dad and little bro on same day, best mate, his wife and another good friend all in January. Nope. I'm skint, lol!
you buy for your mates wifey go away man you must be sh*tn money LMAO
I was best man for their wedding. I've known them years. Really good friends.
Good friend you are so
We'd best get back on track, or else Steve will rename this "Mick and Dale Chat", lol.
I hope that when Nani is off the treatment table that whatever went on between him and SAF is sorted, he gets a run of games and we can get a clear look at the new man. He has promised to step up.
dude! oby was our boy .... so we'll speak for him nly!

but babel is really good player!
poor guys who selected Looserfool fc and nw paying for it!

when obertan was in his Prime... he will be definetly better than babel Smile
I hope that Obertan can be a class act for the future. He did stand out in the reserves matches he took part in and looked good when he made his debut, coming off the bench. I am just not sure he's ready to start games just yet. He's still learning.
For a bit of stability, when Nani is fit, I can see him starting, play for an hour, then bring Gabby on.
This current situation is Last chance for Nani.
Lets see wat he can do within ths summer!

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