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He's not a good player for us
he will be added with this list be prove better outside of Utd

Obertan will be the next BIG thing but is he loyel?
Only time will tell on both counts. He has a long long way to go before he can be considered the next BIG thing and loyalty depends upon who else comes knocking and what kind of person he is. And what kind of agent he has!!
Yeah better not be a tevez type ehh lol
Oh NO! I really hope not. Can't be 2 judas, can there??
As you sed time will tell
(15-01-2010, 04:11 PM)DaleOD Wrote: Obertan will be the next BIG thing but is he loyel?

good ques!

i Read an article/news abt him: he is dear and pet for manutd ground staff to SAF... he really helps the seniour staff around te OT.
they said hes nt just a player .. but a good human .. Smile
good man for that news your getting great info recenitly keep it upSmile
He has got to go, he was so bad against Burnley it was embarasing to watch.

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