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Nani - Left or Right?
i think nani is naturally left sided player!. the kids got talent but we need to support him abit more and stop bashing him!.
i think this is the last season for nani to really prove himself having been here two years already i think with him on the right and tosic on the left as established wingers things should look ok. think about how many times SAF has rotated the wingers with valencia, park and giggs also in the squad
left sided definitely! love to see him cutting inside to his right foot!
The problem with Nani is he never really looks like he is going to score.
I would definately put Nani on the left, I feel bad for him really because he is under alot of pressure following Ronaldo. He was hyped up when he first joined to be the next Ronaldo and we can all see he has potential, it's just that he has really, really bad decision making. It could not have helped that against Stoke he was poor and then when he came off Sir Ryan Giggs inspired the win.
If he doesn't have a good season then next season he wont be a Red Devil anymore...
No where!!!

He should not be on the pitch, I thought he would finally mature and break through!
At the moment, he's injured, but if SAF follows advice from some quarters, then he will struggle to get a starting place, as the wide men are likely to end up being Velencia (obviously) and Obertan!
The best place to put nani is on the transfter sheet Smile
(22-12-2009, 04:06 PM)Donlerz Wrote: The best place to put nani is on the transfter sheet Smile

hahaha when I seen the thread name this is exactly what I was going to write
im surprised it wasnt wrote before i did lol

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