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Nani - Left or Right?
aw dale face the facts, his utd career is more or less over
I'm allowed to have my views just like you are!
Can you include another icon that reads "out the back door"
LOL I would but most people couldnt post the second time Sad lol good idea doe
(13-01-2010, 07:12 PM)DaleOD Wrote: I'm allowed to have my views just like you are!

im not saying your not allowed, im just saying that theres nothing to be done for him
There is hope for him. The reserves are down to bare bones, lol! It is such a shame, because he promised so much. Remember the showboating against the gooners, when they tried to kick him into the stands? Where did it all go wrong?
I hope he goes to like sunderland and gets a hat rick against us then mayb ye will understand me!!!
That would be a kick in the teeth for all of you bating him to push off, eh?
I'd be happy that i was right but then pissed that we lost because we sold him
Tough one, but it's always like that for any returning United player. Except that money grabbing Judas at citeh!

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