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Nani - Left or Right?
the reason i say left wing is because valencia is better, and he can only play on the right....
therefore, if nani has any future at united whatsoever, its on the left.
as for upfront, your kidding right?
I vote left wing becouse we already have 25 year-old Valencia on right wing and Ryan Giggs is 36 yo and he will retire soon. Nani is eaven better on left than on right i think.
if he is going to play he needs to be on the right, but cant see that happening
I think he should stay on his position (left wing) but he isn't a player that could play in first 11 of manutd.
Hmm. did we miss him today? Obertan and Wellbeck were not the answer against a solid leeds side. Could his experience have done any better? Left or right? Maybe a bit of invention?
miss him omg he would of lost 5-0 with he on the line up haha
he has defo falling out with saf and will be gone in the summer
Left- on the bench in my opinion!!!
None get him and Berba out of United
not berba man

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