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Sir Alex and retirement
Stories of Sir Alex Ferguson's retirement are cropping up again. I guess its inevitable and will happen sooner rather than later.

What do you guys think?

Is there truth to the stories that SAF will stay for just one year more, he'll be 70 at that point in time. Some of the names being throw around apart from Jose Mourinho are Pep Guardiola, Fabio Capello, Guus Hiddink, Martin O’Neill and get this ......... Arsene Wenger :whistling:

Is it something to worry about or ignore, at least till we win number 19?

Here are some of the rumors if anyone's interested: - Dennis Irwin believes Sir Alex will retire without warning - Click here

ESPN & Star Sports - Fergie out, Mourinho in at United? - Click here

World track sport - Manchester United To Find Alex Ferguson’s Replacement - Click here
if jose nt for us.. he goes to LIverpool ,,, hate to see tat!
If not us it will be Real or City and I'd hate that too
After watching Inter stand up to the mighty Barca last night, Jose's stock in European football probably just sky rocketed. To come back from 1-0 down to beat the Catalans 3-1 was a superb result. OK, so it's only half time and they have to go to the Nou Camp, but Barca have a few suspensions, I think. He wants to come back to the Prem, but would the scousers jump in and nick him? Worried about that!
I think only Scolari gets paid more and it probably needed that kind of money to make him move to Uzbekistan. So you're going to be paying quite a bit for Jose in any case. With new ownership beckoning, the scousers might just have the money to hire him and give him money to spend.

I'd like to see either Jose or David Moyes at OT. For some reason Moyes strikes me as a better coach than O'Neill. Plus either of them coming to OT might pave the way for some quality transfers too...... Sneijder, Julio Cesar, Maicon, Rodwell, Jagielka to name a few.
Moyes.. only crisis is lack of european Exp!
He is best for Academy Development
alwz makes superb Transfer signings in cheap!!!!
an British toooooo

do u guys Remember how poor Everton starts Ths season. .? Big Grin now they are in better position..
Id probably support FC united if moyes become boss ffs
(21-04-2010, 05:32 PM)Dj Quick Wrote: Id probably support FC united if moyes become boss ffs

Tongue What happens to FC United once the Glazers go?
There is a poll on the website that you guys can vote for who you think might be next. There is a discussion on that thread, too, so we're going over this twice.

I'll close this one and bump the other one.

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