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Sol Campbell linked to a United move
Just saw this on sky sports news at 4. Looks like his free agent status is looking handy for the experience he has. I think like owen we could get the best out of him if he did sign.
I too read about this, online.
Although Campbell himself has welcomed being linked to OT a United source has dismissed such reports as nonsense.

Perhaps SAF will take him on a short term, 'Per Game', contract to see us through, who knows.
Mind you, I wonder just how stable the guy is.

Well we'll just have to wait and see.
Hmmm interesting.
Can't see it myself,why don't we spend some cash.
Fergie doesn't seem too keen on January transfers to be honest.
Would prefer Carrick or Fletcher at center back myself. Campbell just doesn't have the legs anymore. I've talked about legs far too much today, somebody stop me.
It would certainly be a challenge for him at 35 playing every week yeah.
A good debate, so we'll keep this one going. Apologies to joey_matthews who created another thread on sol, but we didn't realise just ho much interest this would generate.
i dnt think we will sign him unless we really need to!
dear god i hope not i mean he walked out of two clubs and sure didnt last two games at notts county

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