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The Way Our Club is Run
I have been a supporter of Man United since 1962 and I am disgusted and disheartened of the way our club is being run. This transfer window has been a complete shambles. We have become the laughing stock of the Premier League. Who is to blame? LVG, Woodward, the Glazers? I don't know.

Personally I think its the Glazers. They are the owners and must sanction every aspect of the club. I was against United becoming a PLC back in 1991 and all my concerns at the time are now fact. The older supporters will remember Louis Edwards, a past Chairman, and all the stick he would get, compared to this lot he was a saint. Their has been a lot of comments about paying £36 million for a teenager, I don't care about the money. Every million spent on transfers is a million the Glazers can't leach from the club. My Green and Gold scarf is coming out of the cupboard, If it's ever been in.

As far as this season is concerned we can forget about winning the league, we havn't got a chance. The best we can hope for is 4th again and I think that will be a struggle. The Champions League is a dream that will turn out to be a nightmare.

Three weeks ago I was really looking forward to this season, now is wish it was May and it was all over.
I feel pretty much the same way. The excitement I felt at the start of this (and every) season, has been greatly diminished by the transfer window in particular.

Take a look at the Pedro farce. Manchester United were heavily linked with him (regardless of whether he was the right player for United) and Van Gaal is happy to play with the press and NOT come out and deny there was interest. Woodward is even reported to be in Barcelona, agreeing terms, etc. Then he signs for Chelski and Van Gaal says that we were never interested and he didn't say this or that. Face saving?

What about De Gea? Going? Staying? He has decided he doesn't want to stay past the end of his current contract, so surely, the club would cash in on him now, rather than see their investment leave for nothing? The £30m (approx) would be guaranteed NOW, but the possible Champions League money if he stayed is NOT. There are too many IFs and the simple fact that he wants to join RM makes me wonder if we will get the bet out of him? Will he protect himself and play within his abilities, to prevent injury etc and put his dream move in danger? if that happens, he will be dropped and one of the other keepers comes in, causing disruption at the back. What if the back four suffer losses of form or long term injuries? That money is nowehere near guaranteed. Personally, I would have let him go early and planned better for cover.

What about signing a centre back? Ramos? Joke! Was never coming. Can you tell me there is no one out there better than Smalling (who by the way is playing really well at the moment) and Blind? Evans has gone, so we are really thin at the back.

A 20-goal a season striker? Martial? Not ready yet. How is he better suited for the PL than Chicharito or Wilson? and £36m? I know they have been tracking him for months, but really?

I will still go into every game wanting us to win. Of course I will, but I am just a tad frustrated!

to that end, I have stuck this and the Frustration Release threads. There is plenty of space to rant or maybe, show us the positives??

See also
I'm not sure if it's the Glazers, Van Gaal or both for the transfer fiasco. ( woodward too )

Although I'm not happy with the transfer mess this past summer I'm more alarmed at what is going on with our Academy. Sure the youngsters coming through to the first team now are great but after that... Maybe its just an outsiders opinion but the strongest clubs should have the strongest academies. Even Sir Alex as acknowledged it by saying - 'they certainly cleaned up that part of town.' lol..

Glazers certainly can't be helping the situation, there are rumours of a multi billion dollar bid from a Chinese consortium..I really don't think that is the answer either.
Asides from wishing there was a billionaire die hard fan to take over the money in football is just crazy.
It's no longer a sport it's just big business.
Sucking the passion out of the club.
How about this story, in the Sunday Express:

Glazer family demands Old Trafford cuts behind the scenes at Manchester United

Quote:MANCHESTER UNITED'S problems have spread from the pitch to behind the scenes with the owners the Glazers demanding cuts of 15 per cent in most departments.

Despite the club’s value spiralling to around the £3billion mark and sponsorship deals flooding in the axe has been sharpened by the controversial Florida based family.

While they continue to take money out of the club – it’s estimated that £15million a year is transferred into the various family banks – the Glazers are insisting on their employees cutting back, ordering that budgets be trimmed.

The only area to survive the cut backs is Louis van Gaal’s first team squad who have their own problems, a lack of entertainment and little sign of any likely silverware.

At least Friday night’s FA Cup victory at Championship promotion chasing Derby County has given the under pressure Van Gaal valuable breathing space.

But surprisingly for a club which has enjoyed a tradition of producing a conveyer belt of young talent, the youth academy hasn’t escaped the red pen of the Old Trafford bean counters.

The class of ’92 provided the bedrock of much of the success under Sir Alex Ferguson but the academy like other areas of the club is being asked to reduce their costs by 15 per cent.

That has caused consternation and instability with United yet to replace academy director Brian McClair who left to take a job with the Scottish FA last May.

The scouting system has also been drastically reduced to save money – something which Ferguson painstakingly built up after arriving as manager and being appalled at the absence of a credible youth policy.

United are unable to compete with the bigger and more lucrative contracts on offer for aspiring young players at clubs like neighbours Manchester City and Everton.

The decision to cut costs throughout Old Trafford has undermined spirit in many departments and contributed to the sense of a crisis gripping the famous club.


Personally, I find it hard to take, when the academy will be hit. Why not reduce the dividend they take to keep the club at the top level?
I completely agree - its almost as if the football is less important than the marketing of the "brand". I think there is a niavety in thinking that money will keep rolling in just on the name and the history of Manchester United. It seems every decission is based on how it will promote interest in the media. Am i alone in thinking that the recent news today about Mourinio having had talks is a good example of this. I am truely fearful that we have missed out on Pep because Mourino is seen as more interesting to the media. I cant see him taking us forward.
The writting has been on the wall for some time - i do hope i am wrong in long run but think there is worse times to come and im fearful we will never get back.
Come on now. You need to get behind and the team and the manager. We are playing well. We are just  a few players away from being great again. The manager maybe a bit grumpy but he knows what he is doing.  We are the United. These other clubs come and go we will return shortly and dominate. Pogba will prove to be a true great. Wink

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