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Utd Announce Tevez Departure
(22-08-2009, 04:46 PM)Yaw Wrote: I really wonder if Fergie will want anything to do with another Argentine like Sergio Aguero after the whole Tevez affair?

are you saying that people that are from the same countrys act exacly the same way?! well, you don't see rooney crying when he misses a penalty
he is a money grabbing whore
seriously loved his commitment and work rate...such a shame to let him go but with the current team...hes not gonna be happy with his position got to do wat u got to do..
we're better off without him anyways
theres good and bad
Tevez isn't doing great at City so perhaps it was a good deal to not buy him up!
he wasn't doing that great for us at the start nd ended up getting 34 goals in 2 years
Yes it was a good record and I'd have liked to see us sign him but we haven't so lets move on, topic locked.

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