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Right we don't like to admit it but we all watch it so might as well make a thread.

whos gona win?

do you like jedward?

who do you hate the most?
I think jedward are funny I hope they get to the final and come second to Stacey who is a ride I love her.

I hate that geordie fella with the gay voice hes a twat get rid of that twat.
come on
for me its olly
so afro boy went out tonight

now it's time to get the gay geordie boy out jesus I hate him
I couldn't be bothered with it after last week, tbh. Simon being a prize knob saying all through the series that he can't stand the twat twins and then didn't vote them off. I think that is not with the spirit of the programme. So instead, this week, I watched the Irish match on computer on Saturday and then just surfed, phoned my brother and sorted a few bits out yesterday. I didn't give a flying whatsit who went off and now, I don't care who wins.
Those twins would be better off on Britain's Got (no) Talent! This is supposed to be a singing competition, ffs! Still, this is going the way of Big Brother, where the public really have had enough and want a decent programme. Time to get rid of X-factor!
And now, ITV have launched I'm nearly a Celebrity, make a tit of me! Is TV dumbing down? Discuss.

....And breathe!
tbh i dont watch it, i hate reality shows unless theres footy in it, but iv watched a bit of it this year and form an irishmans opinion them twins are a joke, but then agian if they werent making cowell money they'd be gone long ago. Really think that olly or stacey will win it. Olly reminds me of gary barlow from take that.
I can't see Stacey making it in the pop world. Can you imagine the interviews, lol!
What happened to decent Saturday night TV? Even Doctor Who has been moved to Sunday nights now!
I hope this is the last ever series of x-factor, as it is crap TV. Still, that's why I bought a remote with mine, so I can turn it over! Sadly, the other half loves it, so I'm stuck with watching the portable upstairs!
stacey and olly are the only people with some sort of voice in the show to be honest.
i herd alot of kids shows and channel's are look for jeward to make a cartoon ofering millions. fair play tits haha
they'll be the new ant & dec

they couldn't sing either lol
yeah but not AS good !

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