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Zoran Tosic
its great that we have finally got an out and out left - footed winger
i have been very impressed by tosic.
go on youtube and search zoran tosic freekicks.
hes good. but i think he needs more experience to adapt to the english game.
he played in the reserves yesterday against bolton and scored, so we can rule out injury.

maybe fergie thinks he is not ready yet, or thinks that nani is doing a good job on the left, as to not distrupt the team.

i think he will be a great player, cannot w8 for lyjic to com in january...heard he is better.

i want to se tosic playing on the left, like messi, and see what he can do there
seems like a good prospect for the future, cant wait till he hits form and does brilliant in the first team. lajic is gonna be another good star in the future hopefully

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