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nani can f**k of
alot of storie's surronding nani this week like nani talking behind fergie back.he sed that he felt that he should of played he and the chealse match AND he mage a big mistake by not doing so.

i think now nani is getting jealus of obertan and its thinking of the january transfer window.

i sed it before and ill say it agen

man utd : nani+50million
valencia : villa+silva
=success Smile
100% agree nani's not fit to be a red
Ya! u accepted
where is ma Rep?
Big Grin
(15-11-2009, 01:13 PM)Vazza Wrote: Ya! u accepted
where is ma Rep?
Big Grin

nani is struggle with his individual skills and seems forget about to give his team contribution. he wants more time of playing but when he was given he didn't use it properly; meaning that the more times given to him the more damage he will do to the team like back pass to van der sar when at anfield game where mascherano was sent off. he wants to concentrate for his individual's and being selfishly talked back on fergie. sell him is the only f***ing way !
(15-11-2009, 12:46 PM)ManUtdPeople Wrote: 100% agree nani's not fit to be a red
read his interview in the sun and yes I ggo along with the thread title f**k off nani you twat your s**t anyway
now foster say's he's unhappy
So? He hasn't proven himself at the very top level, yet. (sorry Ben if you're reading this). I get how he isn't getting 1st team chances, but he didn't do enough when he had the chance. Now is the time to knuckle down and work harder than ever to get confidence and show the boss what he can do.
I really don't like players who try to force the issue like this. Prove yourself and when you do, then do these interviews.
yea watch noucamp i heard that foster be's on here reading the post's

and if he is Please dont use our forum just to be nosy foster make an accoount, keep active and chat on the forum

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