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After he sickening effort against Leeds and judging his enitre United career so far.

Anyone else just sick of him?


  1. Never Even tried against Leeds just when we needed a hero
  2. Never scores important goals, always scores the 4th in a 5-0 win, never the winning goal in a 2-1 win or 1-0
  3. When the going got tough last season it was Rooney and Tevez who shined
  4. arrogant twat
As i disagree I'll tell you why to keep him.

1.He has the best touch the world has EVER seen.
2.The best tru ball in the premiership.
3.He is a ManUtd Player and should be giving him support.
4.He is big and we never seem to cross the ball as much into the box THATS NOT HIS FAULT.
5.At leeds he wasnt the only one that wasted chances Rooney did to!The whole team only for Valencia were shocking "said by Sir Alex"
Voted NO too. Think he's a good player who has under-performed. He was good at Tottenham and doesn't seem to get adequate support from midfield. SAF did say he was played out of position last year, he looks a far better player when either Giggs or Carrick are in the team. I maybe wrong but I think he could play well together with Owen, his through balls and passes are what a player like Owen would feed off with ease.

That said his body language on the pitch is quite annoying, throwing your arms up in the air and not chasing hard enough etc etc don't quite fit in with the Manchester United way and don't meet the fans' expectations, he could get away with it if he scored goals but not otherwise.

I think comparing him to Rooney both in terms of goals and commitment is unfair, Rooney can create his own goals from seemingly nothing and his passion is plain for all to see, he is a once in a generation player while Berbatov is isn't. He seems overwhelmed at a big club, I remember him taking quite a few shots at goal a couple of years ago, hardly ever now. If I were to put it down to one reason I'd have to say it was confidence.
This thread i see is going to kick off!!!!
Yeah Rooney plays with the whole team he is that good he can play every were but when he is forward should play with berba more thats how berba will score no problem to him!Owen plays well with berbatov.
But saying that about Rooney he set up a great goal for berba recently!
(09-01-2010, 01:39 PM)DaleOD Wrote: 5.At leeds he wasnt the only one that wasted chances Rooney did to!The whole team only for Valencia were shocking "said by Sir Alex"

He was the only one who didn't fight, Rooney fought till the end, owen came on a fought same with Valencia giggsey fabio everyone but not berba he was not interested.
Lol Berba not on the bench for today. Fingers crossed we get to see Diouf.
im gutted over that totally stupid!!!!!!
He's a good player but in the wrong team

He doesn't suit (and has changed our style of play)

He does not have the right mentality to play at a club like Manchester United

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