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Frustration Release Zone
The game against Valencia in the UCL last night showed promise. for the first 15 minutes and then the team reverted to type. I am not sure if there was any real teamwork out there and Lukaku was left so isolated, it was a joke. Having said that, his movement was poor, comparable with an ocean-going liner! And his control was almost non-existent. Rashford's corners went into the keeper's hands every time. If I can see that, why can't Jose? Shaw took one corner and the delivery was excellent.
Sanchez is lost. Simple as.
Pogba struts and postures, but doesn't deliver.
The midfield has no linkage, so we are broken through by the opposition with simple regularity.

Something needs to change. And fast!
Keep Jose and ditch Pogba,Lukaku,Sanches,Velencia,Jones and one or two others.
Bring in some of the youngsters from the acadamies and let them have their head and lets see where we end up at the end of the season.
I'm not saying give up and don't try,let's try to win the remaining games but with the youngsters,lets sort out a system,and lets see a team materialize,and how they manage.

It certainly cannot get any worse!!!!
How bad are we? Draw 2-2 at Southampton and then they go and sack Sparkie!!!!

Mark Hughes has been sacked as Southampton manager after 10 matches without a victory in the Premier League. I would have thought that was a good result for them on paper, at least.
Its only December and here we are hoping for the lesser of two evils... City becoming champions. Enough said.
Right lets see what super sub can do tonight then

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