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Putting this up to see is there any fan on here that honestly wants this clown to stay and theres been a post to get this up also.
Just a bit of fun ehhh....
I sed at the start of the season right I'm going to give this lad a chance now that Ronaldo is gone and he wasn't in his shadow!But he still dose very immature things with to ball
1.Dosnt know when to pass the ball!
2.Cant cross his two legs

Get him out or feed him next christmas to the scouse!
well i would have said no, but if we are not buying we shouldn't be selling in case of injuries
Yeah thats right too but he makes us look a joke send him the Celtic!
A lonely voice says to keep him. I agree with Andy that we shoud err on the side of caution at the moment, as he would bring a balance to the side should we suffer any injuries. Also, at the moment, he is injured, so the return on investment would be very poor. We should get him fit, get him playing again regularly to take a proper view on whether he is the man. If he puts in some decent performances, then maybe get £5m for him.
Remember, lads, at the moment, he still wears our Red shirt.
given everything thats going on we could probably do with him now
So those berbatov!And berbatov is mileeeessss better then nani!
Nani could be a very good player if he learns the basics to pass the ball when is right.work on his last ball.etc
Aye. Back to basics. A good time to get him back in the team, because I really feel we need to get back to doing the simple things well, like we have always been good at. Plus, we could use his pace. A real benefit!
Obertan is much faster and Valencia too. but if there is an injury your right.
Play him against the scouse ehh Wink
Obertan is raw. I think he is the kind of player SAF should bring on against tiring legs while he learns the premier league pace, etc.
Valencia has improved, but that is the point. PLayers have no God-given right to pull on the famous Red shirt and must earn the right. Valencia has shown that he even has a left foot, but there is still something missing from his game. We lost the World's best wide player and it has left a bit of inbalance at United. The ego has gone, too, which should be a good thing.
It is time for ALL of the wide players to show us just what they can do.
Also, I think the rotation for places in the prem should cease. Try to get a settled line up, changing players only for CL and Carling Cup games, as we push to the finishing line at the end of the season.
umm yeah obertan is a much better ryan babel isnt he.MUCH BETTER!
we just need to get all the boys playing well in these hard times init

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