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Nani - Left or Right?
I think everyone now is frustrated with Nani. He plays brilliant one game, and terrible another. You think he should shoot, he passes. You think he should pass, he shoots. You think he's gonna give a through ball, he dribbles.

Nani is unpredictable. You never know when he's gonna have a good game or a bad one. But have you noticed that his best performances come from the right-hand side? And yet his goals come from the left. So where should he be played?

It looks as though he is in the starting XI this season, starting on the left, competing with an ageing (but in-form) Ryan Giggs and a young Zoran Tosic. And on the right he has to fight for a place against Valencia, who is highly rated by SAF.

So where does he play? Left? Right? Or even in attack?
if you watch the pre-season game's tosic was great but to light at the moment! it will take nani a while now that he isnt in ronaldo's spot light relax
Tosic is not quite ready for the Premier league or Europe, as he needs to get stronger. I have watched a few of the reserves' matches this season and he has shown improvement and his final ball has been good. He looks to be getting stronger, but can't really be considered just yet. Sir Ryan is not being played generally, as an out-and-out winger. He plays a much freer role, although he can drift out wide, he is playing a little narrower. He is not young enough now, sadly, to be considered in the wide role every week - sometimes twice a week and does need to be rested. Valencia is predominately used on the right. He will need to stick there for now to learn (or re-learn) his craft. He needs to gel with the rest of the team and learn 'the United way' if you like. He will grow in stature and the performances will come with greater confidence. That leaves Nani; Well, his early season form has been inconsistent, I'm afraid. Maybe the United fans and the media have heaped far too much pressure on him by labelling him as the new Ronaldo. There is only one Ronaldo, of course and Nani must be encouraged to become his own player. He has some tricks in his locker, but is another who needs to grow in confidence. We've seen flashes of what he can do. I think this season, though, his team play has improved, looking to retain the ball first and look to showboat, if you like, second. I think he is a talented player who could grow into a superstar. However, it needs to happen in the next couple of seasons, really. As for the question, I think he is the kind of player, being two-footed, that shouldn't be categorised as left winger, right winger or striker. I think he could do a job for United on either side or even given a free role just off the strikers. That will come with time. The real question is; do we have that time?
This is a massive season for Nani, should he stay so inconsistant he could be sold next summer as for 3 seasons he should now be at a level to know his role is in the team, for me he should only play right winger, and he is up against Valencia so those two should battle it out, and the best player gets the most starts, keeping moving his positions doesnt help him. So hopefully he will up his game and produce the goods on a regular basis.
i just think for all united fan's nani has been very very underated and its annoying to hear him being critazed soo much!!!
he'll have to come good soon as fergie isint gonna wait for him and he'll be shown the door
I see he scored for Portugal last night. Did anyone see it? What side was he playing for them?
Nani has the talent and the ambition to be a great great player for man utd. What i feel that he lacks is the self belief and possibly the footballing brain isnt quite what it should be hence poor decisions and losing the ball too often. Also he should never be allowed to take corners. I think this has got to be his last season to prove himself. For what its worth he should play on both wings. He is a right winger but has the pace and ability to cut in and score from the left when we need him to make a big impact.
I have a feeling that Obertan will take the left wing slot and Nani will leave within 12 months. I hope we keep both and use Nani on the right.
He was playing in the middle in the last Portugal game. Nani has flashes of brilliance and at times flashes of great annoyance. now he does have the talent to be one of the best in the world... but something just isn't right. he is given plenty of chances this season yet he showed up only in a few games and also for short periods of the game...
I still have hope that he does become as good as he's supposed to be... but I wouldn't be surprised if next season... he's no longer with us.

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