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as i said already ill give him until the end of the season, unless his goal ratio starts rising i have no time for him.
Yeah if things don't improve by the end of the season he's out. Need another Van Nistelrooy type striker Smile
But we should stand by him because he wears the red shirt and don't someone say what about Nani I think we all hate Nani because he is sooo stupid on the ball its hard to like him!But berba has his thing to do in ManUtd and Ferguson did not play him yesterday witch really annoying me and brought on Diouff who didnt do a thing but had a bad first touch mayb it was his first game but so what if that was berbatov he would of taken it in with out a bother to him!!!
if berba ran more then he would be a lot better
thats not his game his game is making goals
yea but for 30 million he should be scoring more than 6 goals, owen was free and he has more than him.
different players!!!
I voted NO for the simple fact that it while we are entitled to our opinion, we really should try to get behind the team now, as they are struggling to get good performances and results. Let's see what happens to the team and possibly SAf at the end of this season.

Having said that, the News of the Word reports a crisis of confidence:

DIMITAR BERBATOV'S Manchester United career is in jeopardy as the striker battles a crisis of confidence.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson, one of his greatest supporters, is losing faith with the £30million Bulgarian, who has struggled to make an impact at Old Trafford since joining from Tottenham 18 months ago.

Berbatov has become a target for United fans, which has led to him shrinking even further into his shell.

That has left huge doubts over his future at the club, with manager Ferguson struggling to understand why such a talented player cannot cope with the demands of United.

A source close to Ferguson said: "Berbatov is a real puzzle and a problem. He's so lacking in confidence that it's almost as if he's scared to go out and express himself.

For the full story, see:
lads can u imgine people not wanting you some were!!!!
thats what it is like for him!
Enough is enough you can only take so much of a shit player. Berbas settling in time is over

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