All games have been postponed (Expected return: 30 April 2020)

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Favourite Man Utd Player
(17-05-2010, 09:01 AM)Ronaldinosa Wrote: the old timers combined wages could be better server . Sentiment cant come into it , they have served the club well but nows the time to say goodbye .

I'm glad ur not my boss. (lol) Scholes and Giggs both scored vital goals this season which could have been title deciders. If we had managed to win the league their imput would have been a deciding factor. We shouldn't have to rely on them but until we improve the squad I'm afraid we will still see them turning out.
It seems that in part, you agree with ronaldinosa, but you are a big softy at heart, lol! If they do get a run out, SAF may need to look at the number of times he gives them a run and bigger for me, don't play the old timers at the same time against teams with a young, energetic midfield!

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