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Sir Alex Ferguson's Replacement
(16-05-2009, 08:25 AM)IrishB Wrote: Just wondering who you think should replace Sir Alex when he retires and when do you think he should retire (if ever)?

sir alex should never retire but if he does id love it to be giggs or steve bruce
Still think Mourinho would be the ideal man - and he wants to come too!!
Mourinho, only thing is his teams can be quite negative.
It's got to be Jose. As much as I rate Carlos Q I really don't want him to take over. Moyes wouldn't be a bad shout, can see him doing a job there but outside that I don't see anyone matching up to SAF
Mourniho would ne my choice. The others just don't have the experience. Biu experience and Mourinho aside next would be Moyes for sure (A fledgling Fergie)

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